About Us

We are a Polynesian owned company that supply Kava from the island & Kingdom of Tonga.

Our journey in the Kava business started during the Covid-19 pandemic. The shutdown across the world held heavy on us as work and income became limited. Growing up Tongan, Kava was always easy to get hold of. Either you were apart of family that always had Kava or you knew the family that always had Kava. The families that always had Kava is most likely related to or have a close relationship to the people that farm and harvest the Kava in Tonga. My father always had Kava sent to him from our families in Tonga. The idea of selling Kava never really came to mind until the Covid pandemic. I gave my father everything I had left in my pockets for all the Kava he had and decided to sell it to the Polynesian & Micronesian communities here in Colorado. Things began to pick up quickly. Selling Kava out of sandwich bags became a business overnight. We decided to go legit! We've spent several days and sleepless nights brainstorming plans for the company. Our goal was to reach out beyond our people and spread the great word of Kava & our culture. We wanted to create a brand that includes everything Kava stands for including our brand name which comes from our last name, Vealoloko. We give thanks to our Heavenly Father everyday for the great blessing Kava has been to us.

Our experience with Kava goes back many many years. We thrive on customer satisfaction. Our journey in the Kava business has been one hell of a ride but worth every moment. On a mission to include the calm and relaxing world of  Kava in everyones daily routine, we are proud to say we are on the right path but still a long road ahead. Today we are proud suppliers of 5 Kava Bars & 23 shops across Colorado with plans of expanding even more in the near future.