What is Kava?




Discover the captivating world of Kava, a traditional beverage deeply rooted in the South Pacific islands. Crafted from the roots of the Piper methysticum plant, native to countries like Fiji, Tonga, Vanuatu, and Samoa, Kava has been cherished for centuries as a ceremonial and social drink.

We prepare Kava by grinding the roots into a fine powder, which is then carefully blended with water to create a truly unique and enchanting beverage. As you savor this ancient elixir, you'll experience the soothing and calming effects that Kava is renowned for. It gently washes away stress and anxiety, offering moments of tranquility and promoting a sense of harmony.

In the Pacific island cultures, Kava holds a special place, often shared among friends and loved ones during gatherings and celebrations. Now, we invite you to embrace the spirit of Kava beyond its traditional roots and embrace its timeless allure.

Today Kava is used as a dietary supplement to treat several conditions such as trouble sleeping, anxiety, stress, muscle and body aches and several others. Drinking Kava has helped people feel relaxed, calm & happy.

Reverse tolerance is something you have to keep in mind when drinking Kava. Drinking Kava for the first time most likely won't give you all the stress free and calming sensation you were hoping for. "Be patient, it takes time". Kava gets better the more you use it. So, if you tried Kava once and didn't get anything from it then you may be unaware that Kava works via reverse tolerance. 

There are several different types of Kava's that come from several different islands. Though all Kava's may be similar they are also all very different. Some Kava's are more heady than others and some Kava's are more heavy than others. Some Kava's are much stronger and more potent than others and some Kava's are not too potent but maybe just right.

Kava has several health benefits. Do your research, order and try a few, take your time to find the right Kava for you.