The FDA is Revamping The Dietary Supplements Ingredients List. Kava is On it. They want your feedback!

Hey All! The FDA is revamping the Dietary Supplement Ingredient list – Kava is on it. They want to hear OUR feedback! We suggest that traditional Kava Root Powder is added to the FOOD list and have Kava extracts be maintained to the DIETARY SUPPLEMENT list. Our friends at Kava Hana actually designed a tool that auto generates a letter with facts to send to the FDA. Click on the link below and follow the instructions. Your feedback matters!

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Kava Tonga

Our Kava's come from the island of Tonga and is tested for quality, cleanliness & nobility before distribution. From the beautiful volcanic soil of our Motherland we provide the best Kava Tonga has to offer.

Kava Tonga

Kava Mixed Drinks

Not a huge fan of the peppery Kava taste? We provide a variety of Kava Mixed Beverages. Our mixed beverages are a mixture of Kava and organic juices. No artificial flavors or colors added.

Kava Mixed Drinks

Kava-Prep Products

We provide Kava-Prep products that will help make Kava making easy! From the Alu-Ball pro by Kavafied to our Kavaloloko Kava Kit that Kava bars love!

Kava Prep

Ready To Drink Kava

Not comfortable with brewing Kava yourself? We provide Ready-To-Drink Kava by the gallon. Strained with filtered water & ready to drink.

Ready To Drink
  • C.Jones - Co. Springs, CO

    "Thank goodness for Kavaloloko! Kavaloloko is a great company, they know how to brand their products, keep it professional, and also be personal. Great kava and great experience."

  • M.Lenihan - Denver, CO

    "What a great experience. Extremely friendly owner and staff with an exceptional product, they were happy to help and I was very fortunate to have landed here for my first experience with Kava and it's benefits. Thank you for your guidance. Much love."

  • M.Jackson - Aurora, CO

    "Wow! I've been drinking kava for many many years and I've never had anything like Kavaloloko Kava. This is one of the best Kava's I've had. I am now a loyal customer to KAVALOLOKO! also, customer service was great! Thank you guys so much"


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