Kava Tonga

Our Kava's come from the island of Tonga and is tested for quality, cleanliness & nobility before distribution. From the beautiful volcanic soil of our Motherland we provide the best Kava Tonga has to offer.

Kava Mixed Drinks

Not a huge fan of the peppery Kava taste? We provide a variety of Kava Mixed Beverages. Our mixed beverages are a mixture of Kava and organic juices. No artificial flavors or colors added.

Kava-Prep Products

We provide Kava-Prep products that will help make Kava making easy! From the Alu-Ball pro by Kavafied to our Kavaloloko Kava Kit that Kava bars love!

Ready To Drink Kava

Not comfortable with brewing Kava yourself? We provide Ready-To-Drink Kava by the gallon. Strained with filtered water & ready to drink.

  • C.Jones - Co. Springs, CO

    "Thank goodness for Kavaloloko! Kavaloloko is a great company, they know how to brand their products, keep it professional, and also be personal. Great kava and great experience."

  • M.Lenihan - Denver, CO

    "What a great experience. Extremely friendly owner and staff with an exceptional product, they were happy to help and I was very fortunate to have landed here for my first experience with Kava and it's benefits. Thank you for your guidance. Much love."

  • M.Jackson - Aurora, CO

    "Wow! I've been drinking kava for many many years and I've never had anything like Kavaloloko Kava. This is one of the best Kava's I've had. I am now a loyal customer to KAVALOLOKO! also, customer service was great! Thank you guys so much"


Original Vava'u review by Kava Queen