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Kavaloloko Kava-Prep Kit

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Our Kava-Prep Kit was created by our team to make brewing big batches of Kava easier.

Our Kavaloloko Kava-Prep Kit was the first Kava kit to come with a bucket strainer in 2020. We have revised our Kava-Prep Kit and gave it a whole new look, this time without the bucket strainer.

Our Kava-Prep Kit is great for big batches of Kava up to about 3 gallons. Great for Kava get togethers and gatherings. Kava clubs and Kava bars love it!

What is all included in the Kava-Prep Kit?

* White 3.5 gallon bucket 

* White 1 gallon bucket

* 220 Pro Kava strainer

*75 Pro Kava strainer


Hold the 220 micron strainer over the 1 gallon bucket.

Pour your desired amount of Kava root powder into the strainer.

Add water to the 1 gallon bucket and knead Kava for 5-7 minutes.

After kneading the Kava, Hold the 75 micron strainer over the 3.5 gallon bucket and pour the brewed Kava from the 1 gallon bucket through the 75 micron strainer in to the 3.5 gallon bucket.

Squeeze strainer to get all the remaining Kava out.

Stir Kava and enjoy!

Add water if needed.