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Kavaloloko Kava-Prep Kit

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Our Kava-Prep Kit was created by our team to make brewing big batches of Kava easier.

Our Kavaloloko Kava-Prep Kit was the first Kava kit to come with a bucket strainer in 2020. We have revised our Kava-Prep Kit and gave it a whole new look!

Our Kava-Prep Kit comes with  bucket strainer that sits almost perfectly on the rim of the 3.5 gallon bucket. The bucket strainer hangs about 4 inches deep allowing plenty of room inside the bucket for large amounts of Kava. 

Our Kava-Prep Kit is great for big batches of Kava up to about 3 gallons. Great for Kava get togethers and gatherings. Kava clubs and Kava bars love it!

What is all included in the Kava-Prep Kit?

* White 3.5 gallon bucket 

* White 1 gallon bucket

* Black gamma screw on lid

* 100 Micron bucket strainer

* 220 Pro Kava strainer


Hold the 220 micron strainer over the 1 gallon bucket.

Pour your desired amount of Kava root powder into the strainer.

Add water to the 1 gallon bucket and knead Kava for 5-7 minutes.

Place the bucket strainer in the 3.5 gallon bucket.

After kneading Kava, pour the Kava from the 1 gallon bucket through the bucket strainer into the 3.5 gallon bucket. 

Add water if needed. 

Once Kava has strained through bucket strainer remove bucket strainer.

Stir Kava and enjoy. Add water if needed.