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Tofua OG (3oz)

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Our Tofua OG Kava Root Powder is sourced directly from the Tofua village in Tonga. This particular Kava boasts a wonderfully smooth flavor and a perfectly balanced medium grind, unlike any other Kava you've tried before. Grown and harvested on nutrient-rich volcanic soil, our Tofua OG Kava guarantees a delightful night-time experience, promoting deep relaxation and restful sleep.   (3oz or 85g)
Tofua Kava comes from a much smaller farm in which supply is limited. Availability of this Kava varies and is available with us only a few times a year. 

*This Kava is NOT instant Kava! Must be strained well before consuming.

Chemotype: 462351

KL Percentage: 9%