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Tofua OG (3oz)

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Our Tofua OG Kava Root Powder comes from the Tofua village in Tonga. The taste of this Kava is a lot more tolerable than most Kava's. Our Tofua OG is grown & harvested on volcanic soil. This Kava is smooth and great for sleep.

Kavaloloko Kava is NOT instant Kava! Must be strained well before consuming.


Is Tofua OG the same as Kavaloloko's Kava Tonga OG?

No. The Kava Tonga OG we used to have came from a farm in Tofua that was destroyed by the Volcano eruption in Tonga December 2021.

Our Tofua OG comes from the same village but a different farm. The effects might be similar but the Kava's are different. 

Tofua OG KL percentage is about half of what KTOG used to be.



Chemotype: 462351

KL Percentage: 8%