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Original Vava'u - Micronized Kava (3oz)

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Experience the essence of Vava'u island with our authentic Original Vava'u Kava Root Powder. This finely crafted Kava offers a velvety texture and a delightful kick that hits just the right spot. With a perfectly balanced medium grind, it leans towards a more heady experience (though some may find it more balanced). Savored in the company of loved ones, this Kava is ideal for social gatherings. Moreover, it's a fantastic choice for daytime indulgence to unwind and relax.    (3oz or 85g)

Our Micronized Kava is an easy & quick way to prepare our Original Vava'u Kava. Kava root chips and coarse fibers have been removed so there will be no need for straining. Add your desired amount to water or any beverage and mix well. 

*Add desired amount to any beverage and mix well. Straining not needed.