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Pro Kava Strainer - 220 Micron Nylon Mesh

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Introducing our Pro Kava Strainer: the ultimate solution for quick and easy Kava straining! Designed with top-quality materials, our Kava strainer ensures a strong and clean brew every time. Whether you're making a small batch or a large one, our versatile strainer is perfect for both.

Featuring a 220 micron nylon mesh, our Kava strainer excels at effectively straining your Kava. However, we do recommend a double strain for optimal results when using this specific strainer.

You might wonder, why choose the 220 micron size? While a 75 micron single strain may seem like the easier option, it can also retain a significant amount of the beneficial components you want in your Kava batch.

For many Polynesian Kava aficionados, a second strain, referred to as a double strain, is highly recommended. This method involves performing the initial strain while kneading and squeezing, setting aside or discarding the first remnants known as "makas." Afterwards, the strainer bag is rinsed clean, and the same batch of Kava is poured through the strainer once again without any kneading or squeezing, using a shaking motion instead.

This traditional method is favored by many experienced Polynesian Kava drinkers, and it is believed to be the most effective way to strain Kava. It ensures you get everything you desire in your grog while leaving out any unwanted elements.

Experience the convenience and quality of our Pro Kava Strainer today and elevate your Kava brewing process to new heights!