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Pro Kava Strainer - 220 Micron Nylon Mesh

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Our Pro Kava Strainer is top quality & is used to make straining Kava quick and easy! Our Kava strainer is great for small & big batches of Kava. Great for straining your kava brew strong and clean!

Our 220 micron nylon mesh Kava strainer is great for straining Kava. However, a double strain is recommended when using this strainer.

Why use the 220 micron?

Though a 75 micron single strain would be the go to & easier route when it comes to straining Kava, it also holds in a lot of the good stuff that you'd want in your batch of Kava. 

For many Polynesian’s a second strain or a double strain is recommended when it comes to brewing up a batch of Kava. The first strain is where the kneading and squeezing takes place. The first remians or "makas" is put aside or thrown away and the strainer bags is rinsed clean. The second strain is more of shaking the strainer without any kneading or squeezing while pouring the same batch of Kava through the strainer once again.

This method is the go-to method for a lot of Polynesian "OG" Kava drinkers. This method is believed to be the best way to strain Kava, getting everything you want in your grog and leaving out everything you don't want.